The Future of Litigation Support: LSI 2019 Summer Interns

With the start of the school year, ends another summer of our internship program at LSI. As many know, we believe diversity and innovation go hand in hand in building remarkable teams. This year’s interns brought the energy to push our team, but also helped us learn how to better connect with a new generation.

Ava Leonard, LSI Summer 2019 Intern

This summer, I truly enjoyed my time working at Litigation Solutions Incorporated. There were many things that I learned and overall, it was a great experience to have as my first job. To start with, the work environment at Litigation Solutions is great! Everyone was so friendly and helpful towards me and to each other as well. Not to mention, everyone is always in a good mood and smiling. I learned so much this summer about the profession of litigation and just about having a job in general. This job exposed me to new real world habits, like how to cash my paychecks and develop good money saving habits. It also taught me that it’s okay to ask for help. Especially during the first few weeks of work, I definitely needed a lot of help managing and understanding the tasks I was doing. In the office, I even learned about many different jobs that the company does day to day, like scanning documents. I also got experience painting walls and steam cleaning carpets! Overall, my job this summer was unbelievably beneficial in more ways than one! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work at Litigation Solutions Incorporated as my first job.

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