LSI Colorado Proudly Announces The Hiring of Yonatan Sebhat

Denver, CO, March 2014 –Litigation Solutions Inc., Colorado is pleased to announce the hiring of Yonatan Sebhat. Sebhat is the Company’s new Director of Operations.  He brings 14 years of industry experience with him.

Yonatan Sebhat

After Sebhat studied accounting and computer information systems at Colorado University in Denver, he managed a branch for Xact Data Discovery as a Director of Sales and Operations. He was also the Director of Operations for four years at ImageNet of America.

Yonatan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in customer service relations, document management both in paper and electronic discovery, employment management, and bookkeeping in his new role at LSI.

“My employment at Xact and ImageNet prepared me for this position at LSI. Many of the tasks that I performed in the past, including quality control, product efficiency, training and controlling costs, will apply to my new role here,” Sebhat said.

At LSI, Colorado, Sebhat uses his exceptional skills in electronics to help transition paper documents into electronic versions. He filters information, indexes it and gives LSI clients relevant information for their cases and searching capacity.

Michael Lopez, President of Litigation Solutions Inc., Colorado, said, “We are very excited about hiring Yonatan. He’s has been on our radar as an outstanding performer in our industry. We are glad to have him here to facilitate services for our clients.”

Lopez is not the only one excited about Sebhat’s new role. “I’m looking forward to helping LSI grow,” Sebhat said. “I will be certified in forensics in a month, and this new qualification allows me to offer more to our clients. It is fulfilling to know that I am part of a company that offers solutions tailored to each case.”

When he isn’t at LSI or studying for his new certification, Sebhat is working to help local Eritrean and Ethiopian cultures in the community through fundraising. Lopez said, “Yonatan has a philanthropic spirit, and we value that at LSI. His volunteer work is just another example of why Yonatan was a great addition to our company.”

If you or your firm is looking for professional litigation support, technological or otherwise, contact Litigation Solutions Inc. today at Litigation Solutions Inc., Colorado.

About: (“LSI”) is a full-service litigation support company, offering a complete range of solutions by a professional staff. Whatever stage your case may be in – discovery, trial, meditation – LSI has the experience and tools to help you succeed. Low-tech or high-tech, LSI is fully equipped to deliver the right solution at the right time.

With over 10 years in the industry, LSI can meet and exceed your requirements at every stage in the life of your case. We solve problems by matching the appropriate technology. That means we are positioned to provide solutions for all needs, with accuracy, speed and quality.

LSI has traditionally catered to the litigation attorney and law firm, but our services also translate to the corporate client. For the CFO, LSI can help control litigation costs. It is estimated that 70%-80% of a litigation case’s cost is in the discovery and review phases, areas that LSI can impact the most.

At LSI, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations and needs by doing everything we can to get the job done. Right. On Time. The First Time.

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