Litigation Solutions Inc. Receives Praise from Data Review Teams of Paralegals and Attorneys

Litigation Solutions Inc., a full-service litigation support company, received praise for its role in providing document review support to paralegals and attorneys. Data review, electronic document review and production are critical components to all litigation lawsuits.

Litigation Solutions Inc. (LSI) recently completed data review and production for a large complex patent infringement case (Civil Action No. 1:13-cv-00587-SS in the United States Court for the Western District of Texas Austin Division). Wendy S. Anderson of Freelance Paralegal Services, along with attorney James “Mac” McCarty, led the legal document review team of attorneys and paralegals. The case involved 15 lawyers and a project manager spending several months preparing hundreds of thousands of documents for disclosures to opposing counsel.

“LSI houses the expertise, hardware and software to efficiently, accurately and effectively process and host data,” said Anderson. LSI utilizes Ipro Eclipse and other legal review software to incorporate advanced electronic review in the early stages of data gathering. LSI’s three offices located in the Denver Tech Center, downtown Denver and Boulder, have workspace designated to support attorneys, paralegals and data review teams. “With the patent infringement case and now with current cases, I am conveniently able to work directly in the downtown Denver LSI office. I have onsite and 24/7 access to the LSI team.”

LSI is experienced in assisting in hearings, trial and mediation cases. LSI recently assisted Anderson with a complex case heard before the Pollution Control Hearings Board in Washington. Clear and detailed documents, color-coded spreadsheets, photographs, CAD drawings and exhibits were prepared beforehand, and also proved critical during the two-week hearing.

“LSI’s pre-hearing assistance in preparing exhibits, along with Ipro Eclipse allowed me to quickly locate rebuttal exhibits to publish on a large screen projector for Hearing Board members to view,” said Anderson. “This proved critical to defending the allegations made in the case in real time.”

“We’ve worked with a number of law firms for litigation support,” said Erin Perczak, chief technology officer at Litigation Solutions Inc. ‘While traditional hard copy document processing and review hasn’t gone by the wayside, electronic and web-based tools are the advanced solutions our clients look to for immediate accessibility, faster review time, increased accuracy and cost savings.”

“And when clients need attorney review services, we have a skilled team available,” added vice president at LSI, Rich Maestas. For more than 20 years, Maestas has worked closely with Anderson and former FTC anti-trust lawyer James “Mac” McCarty on attorney review cases. “With 20 years of success, our team provides unmatched attorney review services that consistently meets client deadlines and budgets.”

LSI has provided litigation solutions for a variety of other complex cases including an upcoming case involving groundwater contamination. The case has a voluminous amount of documents dating back to the 1950s. LSI is utilizing Ipro Eclipse for data review and processing because of its sophisticated query-and-search functionality allowing for data to be searched by topic, chemical makeup of the soil sampling, and other conceptually similar searches.

Complete litigation support solutions are driven by client need and technology and LSI is at the forefront. Contact LSI to learn more about how it can help you.

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About Litigation Solutions Inc.
Litigation Solutions Inc. (LSI) is a full service litigation support company offering a complete range of solutions by a professional staff. We assist clients with their electronic discovery needs from data collection and analysis of phones, tablets, desktop and laptop devices through document review and production. We process and convert data to TIFF or leave it in a native file format for review in one of our web-based review tools.
From the time your case is filed to the time it goes to trial, LSI is fully equipped to deliver the right solution at the right time. With more than 15 years serving the legal industry, LSI will meet and exceed your requirements at every stage in the life of your case.

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