“How Remarkable Women Lead”: Openness & Innovation

There are too few times, where those of us in the litigation support industry get a chance to focus on things other than eDiscovery, blowbacks, or how artificial intelligence is taking over our jobs. That’s one reason why we started to carve out time for our team’s professional learning and growth. We thought to start with “How Remarkable Women Lead” by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston.

It’s no secret the legal industry struggles with building diverse teams. The “how” is often a topic for deliberation at industry events and within legal blogs, but the “why” is becoming indisputably evident. Inclusion and company environments that provide openness for diverse people and thoughts drive better performance, innovation, and retention. Fostering success for women should be part of formal or informal diversity initiatives at all companies. While LSI may be a small company, we take the diversity of our staff to heart. Our first book for professional development aims to make a path for remarkable women leaders, as well as an understanding for males on what drives women in leadership positions.

Part of any professional learning is the discussion and insights gained. Below are a few thoughts, as well as quotes from the book that impacted our team. We hope they inspire time away from the data pulls, and pushes you toward an opportunity to focus on your own team’s development.

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Michael, Visionary & Founder
I enjoyed reading this book. I think men should read it to get a better understanding of what drives women leaders. When men and women leaders employ these strategies, they will facilitate success.

Sarah, Director of Professional Services
In my own words, the pursuit of passion and purpose can be misconstrued as not being fact driven and practical, and not part of the stereotypical “key leadership qualities.” As a woman and as a leader, my ability to bring passion and practicality, as well as facts and purpose to the table is not only critical to my authenticity as a leader, but it is actually a strength that can have a significant impact on our success as a team.

Some quotes from the book that resonated with me:

“What makes you happy, what builds on your strengths and taps into what gives you purpose, also makes you an inspiring leader. When you have a higher purpose in mind and it’s shared by the team, leading is easier.”

“You can manage a lot of people, but to lead, you have to inspire, not intimidate. Have passion and compassion… The differential for success will be having the combination of IQ and EQ (emotional quotient) inspiration—the ability to pick the best people, motivate the best people, not look backward, not worry about yourself.”

Stacie, Director of Operations
“It takes a willingness to fight for what you want, even though you may in fact, be fighting your own resistance and fear.  It releases unbelievable energy.”

“But to lead you must be heard. You must have presence. You must put yourself out there; it lets people see how you think, how you interact under pressure. Some tough love for you: start working on this today. The longer you wait, the harder it is to speak up and the easier it becomes for people to overlook you.”

Sharon, Integrator
Learning to face your fears is actually the best part of accepting opportunity. When you do, you’ll find they are far less powerful than they seemed. You’ll also experience the lightness of being that comes with getting back in control.”

“If you are always doing what makes you comfortable, by definition you cannot be developing.”

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