Employee Spotlight: Meet The People That Make LSI Shine

This fall marks our 18th anniversary and we know any business that succeeds that long, only does it with the support of talented people. We thought we’d kick off celebrations by highlighting employees who may not get a chance to be client facing, but face every challenge our clients bring.

Bianca Ruiz Arias has been with us for four years as a Senior Operator. She is the very definition of the hardworking and passion for quality and service that cements our core values.  She sat down with us recently to answer LSI’s mini version of the Pust questionnaire.

The picture of Bianca has wonderful significance to both the LSI family and Bianca’s family. She recently became a naturalized US Citizen.

What Do You do for LSI and Their Clients? I mainly work with attorneys and their legal teams. My focus is on producing trial exhibit notebooks, and processing data.  Mainly, I make sure jobs get done on time.

What Does Your Family Think You Do? 
Sit at a desk all day.

What Do You Like Most About Your Job? 
We work with legal teams, so the timelines can be intense. It’s satisfying to get jobs done on time to meet those deadlines and make customers happy.

What’s Your Favorite Recent Memory While At LSI? 
Gift cards! I was given a gift card for my hard work. It’s nice to know I am appreciated.

What’s Your Go-To Song While in the Office? 
“Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum.

What’s Your Favorite Legal Word? Why? 
Exhibit, because it’s my most used legal word.

If You Could Do Anything With $1 Million What Would It Be? 
Build a shelter for kids

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