LSI Cyclists’ Three-Day Ride Helped Raise Over $374,434 for Children’s Hospital Colorado

Denver, CO, September 2013 — Michael Lopez, President of Litigation Solutions, Inc. Colorado, and Jamie Lansing, Senior Discovery Consultant, rode 157 miles as a part of the 25th annual Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Courage Classic event held Saturday, July 20 to Monday July 22, 2013.

Their team, Wheels of Justice–primarily comprised of attorneys and the legal community who helps sponsor the event–raised over $374,434. Lopez and Lansing’s fundraising efforts reached over $2000. Their contributions helped rank Wheels of Justice number one in overall funds raised.

Lopez, Lansing and Barnard F. Gehris, an attorney at Burns, Figa and Will became a small subset of the larger Wheels of Justice team. The trio rode for three consecutive days through Colorado’s Cooper Mountains. Lopez says, “There’s no better way to see the mountains, passes and speeds than on a bike, knowing you are supporting such an awesome cause.”

There is also no better way to learn about the critical work being done at Children’s Colorado than to hear a child patient speak, which happens every year. Lopez said, “This year a tween-age girl told her story to about 300 adults. She had a leukemia diagnosis at two years old. It reoccurred at eight. She said, ‘I am grateful for the lessons I have learned from having cancer.’ Her statement, her strength and bravery, blew me away.”

Lopez became interested in the event in 2012. That year he rode in his first Courage Classic after talking to his friend Gehris. Gehris explained that he rides for his son, Nathan, who lost life at two years old from a blood disease. After they spoke, Lopez asked Gehris to help him find a bike. Two hours later they started to train. “Jamie and I made a colored sign of Bernie’s son and wore it during the ride.” The sign read: I Ride For Nathan Gehris.

This year, Lansing wanted to participate. She said, “I wanted to align myself with this organization because of the amazing kids who overcome such significant challenges and then give back by being part of Team Courage.”

Team Courage is composed of patients, former patients and volunteers of Children’s Hospital Colorado. Some first year children riders ride on a tandem bike with an adult in support of the hospital. “This is such an incredible event. Both Michael and I believe in it.”

Lansing went on to say it was also fun to join because of Courage Classic’s positive atmosphere. “We have clients who ride for Wheels of Justice. It was great to spend time with them unrelated to work.”

If you would like to help LSI in their efforts with Wheels of Justice by participating, sponsoring or donating in the 2014 Courage Classic you can contact Michael Lopez or Jamie Lansing at [email protected].

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