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Litigation Solutions Inc


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Litigation Solutions Inc


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Our Solutions

Professional Services

Thinking beyond immediate needs, we drive efficiency throughout the discovery phase, allowing our clients to focus on the matter at hand. Let us help you navigate through the tsunami of information…

eDiscovery & Review Services

Technology is constantly updating in the legal discovery world. Production is often processed and provided in different ways or with technology that you haven’t been exposed to in the past…

Deposition and Trial Support Services

We understand our clients needs during deposition prep and trial prep.

Upload your exhibits today and we will deliver your notebooks to your location.

Powering Your Litigation Needs

As litigation evolves, law firms are in need of a partner that isn’t about selling software or endless demos. Attorneys gravitate to us because we know the subtleties of compliance, can simplify the complexity of discovery rules, refine workflows, and improve budgets. 

We’ve worked with legal professionals for over 20 years and believe client relationships are an investment for the long term. From collection to trial we have the knowledge to help. You know what they say - knowledge is power. Let us power your litigation. 

Litigation Solutions Inc

Customer Testimonials

We love our clients and these testimonials demonstrate that the feeling is mutual.